Wellness Visionary Jeremy Grace has elevated the art of luxury self-care for over 20 years. Performing more than five thousand Graceology sessions to a distinguished clientele has earned him a solid reputation as a beauty and mind-body guru. 

As an esteemed healer, Jeremy seamlessly fuses reiki, esthetics, massage and guided meditation into a deeply restorative and revitalizing  experience that is entirely one-of-a-kind.  His signature treatment, The Radiance Ritual, designed to encourage self-love and acceptance, has 

earned him notable press and global acclaim.  

Originally from Southern Oregon, Jeremy grew up with a propensity for nature, gardening and sustainability.  Now living on the lush country side of Oahu's North Shore, he enriches his own spirituality by exploring the expansive jungles and rejuvenating waters that the Hawaiian islands provide.  

Reserve your transformative Graceology session today and treat yourself to the gift of ultimate decompression and a glowing 

reemergence into wholeness and harmony.